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By Greg Pfundstein

We received some great news for the Parents’ Choice Coalition earlier this week: the American College of Pediatricians sent us a letter of support and also sent letters to Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Walcott urging them to allow an abstinence based education program. “The physicians at the American College of Pediatricians support the NYC Parents’ Choice Coalition and have mailed a letter to both Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Walcott to encourage them and the local school boards to adopt a strongly abstinence-based program,” the letter said. “This type of program has the best proven track record in reducing teen sexual activity and is the most logical choice.”

You can find the whole letter here. Please read it and pass it on to friends and family who share our concerns about the new mandate. Also included with the letter was an in-depth position paper from the ACP on why they support abstinence education. It is really a must read for anyone with questions about this issue!

Thank all of you for your support, and please help us spread the word!


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